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4 Responses to Visit website

  1. Shelia Slemp says:

    I am an American living and working in the Transcarpathia and I would like very much to send an email to the filmmaker (rather than through this posting). Would it be possible for someone to email me with a way I can get in touch with the directors?

    Thank you.

    Shelia Slemp

  2. Sarah and Olia:
    I am really looking forward to completed film. I thought the trailer was quite touching and beautifully photographed. This is such an important larger project as well about the need for reconciliation — it is wonderful to see this expressed so clearly and also poetically.

    Good luck with all — I hope you finish soon so I can see the rest!

  3. James Greene says:

    Very impressive trailer. How and when will it be possible to view the whole film? Are there screenings planned in the US?

    • galiciafilm says:

      Thank you James!
      There will definitely be some screenings in the US this year but we don’t have specific details for now… If you send us your contact information at, we can keep you updated on any future screenings, DVD release, etc.
      Sarah & Olia

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