A Jewish man whose family chose to save the life of its worst enemy. A Ukrainian woman who endured the theft of her children to save her country. A Polish priest who risked everything to end the sectarian hatred that tore at his parish. They all came from a land where the Second World War never ended and where children grow up with the burden of fighting the battles of their grandparents. The land was called Galicia. The people who lived there were Jews, Ukrainians and Poles. When the Second World War erupted, Galicia was caught in the ruthless struggle between Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalin’s Red Army. In their quest to rule the world, those two empires made use of the ethnic jealousies between Ukrainians, Jews and Poles, and fueled some of modern history’s worst ethnic conflicts. But in the midst of evil, where trust had lost its meaning and human life had no value, there were those who were willing to risk what little they had left to do what was right instead of what was easy.

In the epic settings of the events that changed the course of modern history, THREE STORIES OF GALICIA reveals the intimate stories of three courageous individuals who took it upon themselves to preserve the dignity of the human spirit.

Filmmakers Olha Onyshko and Sarah Farhat have traversed Galicia over four years to collect the memories of those whose lives were changed by the War. With these interviews and retold narratives, they hope to keep a past alive that is in danger of being forgotten forever.

This blog is one of several tools that will be used to build a community around the film and allow people to engage in a dialog around the issues raised.

It chronicles the making on the film and provides the latest updates on screenings, publicity and distribution.

Stay tuned!

Contact us at: info@sense-film.com


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