Screening in Ottawa

On February 10, the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Club of Ottawa, organized a preview screening of Three Stories of Galicia in Ottawa, Canada. The event had a great turnout and although we were not able to be there ourselves we were happy to learn that the audience had very positive reactions towards the film.

The organizer of the event, Mrs Vicki Karpiak – whom we thank for putting this together – reported to us after the screening: “The documentary was well received and we even had two 92 year olds from Halychyna that talked all evening about their experiences. The general opinion was that it was an excellent documentary and there even was a suggestion that another film be done solely on the 4 resistance fighters that were the last to leave the prison. Their story brought tears to people’s eyes, whereas the Polish Priest and his administrator caused them to laugh out loud.”

Mrs Karpiak kindly shared with us impressions from the audience after the screening, and we in turn, wanted to share those with you…
We very much appreciated what was said about the film especially because what people thought to be the most important aspect of the film reflects our original intention while making the film.

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