Apparently we WONK

The Winter issue of the American magazine recently published an article about us as part of their new “Wonk Campaign.”

When we were first approached by the writer/editor of the magazine with this interview request, we have to admit that we had to do some research.  We’re wonks? That sounds cool, but exactly does it mean?

We found out that first of all, if you try spelling KNOW backwards, you get WONK. As simple as that. So if you know something backward and forward, you probably qualify to be a wonk… and let’s face it, a wonk campaign sounds sexier than a nerd campaign!

We also learned that the term “wonk” became part of the Washingtonian vocabulary to describe people who are knowledgeable about an issue and passionate for creating change.  We were flattered.

It was also very nice to learn that this issue of the American Magazine was sent to about 100,000 people who have connections to AU (alumni, donors, students, etc).

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