Funny Zebra Filmmaker… Good!

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Two filmmakers’ guide of the streets of Hamburg:
If you want to get an authentic local experience, you have to:
1-Eat sausage curry on a standing street stand
2-Drink beer with lemonade (actually tastes pretty good)
3-Joke about being a Hamburger (we think the name probably comes from the feeling of being run over by one of the over-aggressive cyclists on the sidewalk – others might think it has to do with the name of the city, we’re not quite sure)
4-Know that Hamburg is the city where the Beatles became famous
5-Finally, and most importantly, just like in London you have to talk about the weather, here in Hamburg you’d better have an opinion about the new philharmonic orchestra building that is currently under construction at the very famous harbor. The construction is very controversial: some think that it will soon overshadow the Sydney opera house and become an incomparable landmark of the city, and others are appalled by the amount of money that is being overspent on the project while other cultural endeavors find their budgets cut off.

So where does the title of the post come from?
We went today to check out the “Pony Bar”, a local bar and coffee shop that holds the administrative offices of the festival and became de-facto the official hanging-out spot for filmmakers and festival guests.

When approaching the bar, Olia was stopped by a random stranger:
– “’Ich mag deinen Mantel”… he said.
–  Excuse me? Olia replied.  She had no idea he had told her that he liked her coat.
–  The stranger continued: “Hamburg, conservative city. Funny zebra filmmaker in Hamburg… gut!”

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2 Responses to Funny Zebra Filmmaker… Good!

  1. Tom B says:

    Great story – hope you guys are having a wonderful time.

  2. Susan says:

    Haha… I’m so glad you’re keeping track of all of your funny/crazy/entertaining/educating experiences in my home country 🙂

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