Big fat limousine

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Our first impression from the trip started in Copenhagen where we had a short layover.  The airport is so beautifully designed that we decided to enjoy it, so we sat in one of the lounges to have a cup of coffee. Our excitement was quickly over when the bill came and we had to pay 15 Euros for a coffee and a bottle of water. Ouch.

Then our flight was delayed because the plane had to be changed… twice.  We finally got into a plane that could actually fly and arrived to Hamburg safe and sound.   We were greeted at the airport by Alex our charming host who told us: “We had a big wide limousine waiting for you, but because of the delay, it had to leave and we’re going to have to take a cab.” We’re thinking of suing the airline company.

Being part of the competition at a festival is quite different from being at a film market. After having had to figure everything out by ourselves while in Cannes, it’s very nice to be spoiled and taken care of by the staff of the festival. That’s quite an upgrade.

Hamburg itself is beautiful. The people here are very warm and welcoming and are very proud of their city, and especially of their famous harbor.

Another perk of being part of the competition is that you get invited to all sorts of parties and dinners. On our first evening, after going to dinner at a hidden and much talked about penthouse with an overview of the entire harbor, we actually went partying at an underground dance club. The theme of the night was “retro music” which worked great for us, because that’s the music that we knew back in the day when we still used to go out and were not corrupted by this all-consuming filmmaking business.

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