First screening at FilmFest Hamburg

The house was packed.  Like every filmmaker, just a few hours prior to the screening we had our usual frenzy: what if the DVD, blue ray disc, Digibeta tape, what have you, doesn’t  play and what if there is no one to see our film?

So when we saw the movie theater full of people, it was a huge relief followed by:  “But what if they don’t like the film?” In the end, our audience turned out to be warm, friendly and surprisingly well versed in the issues of our film.  So all in all it was a great turnout and a good crowd.

Interesting anecdote: a fellow filmmaker who was among the audience overheard two of his neighbors saying: “How did two beautiful women choose a subject like that?!” We still don’t know if we should take that as a compliment or not!

The venue of the screening - Kino3001

Kino 3001

Back in the car, we were emotionally exhausted.  We badly needed a nap in order to prepare for the next event: the party of the year of the film world in Hamburg: the so-called “Director’s Cut Party”.  The party is one of the highlights of the social life over here and is impossible get in; but of course, our wonderful host Alex is already proven to do wonders.

Oh boy didn’t we miss our Cannes dresses! The scene at the party was not so unusual: the “short-director-tall-model” formula proves to be true in this part of the world as well.  It looked like most of the crowd was composed of the up and coming German actors and actresses. We felt relieved that we didn’t have to prove ourselves on the dance floor. It must be even tougher than having to prove yourself as a bible salesman (See previous post).

The Director's Cut party dance floor

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