More on the Lviv screening – pictures and article

Since Sarah couldn’t be at the screening at KinoLev, she made our dear friend and cinematographer Petro promise to take lots of pictures… and he kept his promise.

So here are a few more pictures from the screening last week in Lviv.

Also, for those who read Ukrainian, here is a very nice article that was written about the film in Radio Liberty.
The tragic events in Galicia during the Second World War still causes different opinions in Ukrainian society. Ukrainians, Jews, Poles, who lived next door, suddenly one day become enemies. War experienced people in their honesty, conscience, dignity. Documentary film “Three Stories of Galicia, sponsored by Olga Onyshko and Sarah Farhat – a story about three people’s lives in the vortex of those events. This tape presented at the festival “kinoLEV in Lviv….

Looks like we had a pretty nice turn out

When all the seats were all full, older Ukrainian ladies showed some serious ingenuity

Olia Ilkiv, her fake husband, his real wife (Mr. and Mrs. Poluha) and Olia's son Volodymyr

Olia & Olia

Olia Ilkiv speaking after the screening

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