Screening at KinoLev – The Lviv Film Festival

Since we’ve been “offline” for so long, it may seem that we spent the past two months  lying on a beach in some tropical paradise… well no, we’re still waiting for that vacation… that will probably have to wait until – like Olia’s kids say it – “Mama becomes rich and famous.”
So what did we achieve in the past two months?  We now have a complete Ukrainian version of “Three Stories of Galicia” with titles, subtitles and a voice over narration by the great Ukrainian actress and star of the former USSR, Ada Rogovceva.  To make that happen, Olia traveled this summer to Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa where she met with representatives of the Ukrainian TV and Film industry and organized the recording session with Rogovceva.

In other exciting (and related) news, Olia went back to Lviv two days ago for the film’s screening at KinoLev, the Lviv Film Festival.

Olia with Oles Dzyndra, director of the KinoLev Festival (photo by Andriy Artym)

The public at KinoLev with Olia's mother at the first row (Photo by Andriy Artym)

The screening was very successful. We had a packed house and a lot of people even watching from outside of the premise on a big screen.  Olia received an ovation and a lot of flowers.  The biggest criticism came from no other than Olia Ikiv, one of the heroes of our film.  She complained that she didn’t look good on camera. The audience was very responsive and assured her that it was not true!  One of the nicest feedback came from a Belorussian film director who stated that if they had even one Olia Ilkiv in Belarus, Lukashenko’s era would be long gone by now – Lukashenko being the president of Belarus since 1994.

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