Catch me if you can…

Our day started a 7:30 and ended at 3…am. We were reviewing our photos and realized we had more wardrobe changes than Leonardo di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can!

First, Olha and Sarah had great meetings with the Australians — great not just because there were possible distributors in the room but also because the Aussies have the best view of the Mediterranean from their offices. Crikey!

Then they spent some time with the most excellent Armenians, who always provide Ukrainians with a good shot in the arm in terms of national pride and defending what is important, and who are remarkable for having a strong diaspora in practically every corner of the globe. Including Lebanon.

We also had other meetings, and will report on how they went later down the road.

Our hard-working associate producer John Kubinec arrived from Poland, having completed our negotiations with Polish National Television for use of part of a Polish soap opera that our Father Bartminski writes. Dziekujemy John for that and for everything! We are very happy to have John with us.

We discovered Rue de la Suquette, a wonderful, narrow walking street lined with amazing restaurants. And we ate delicious foie gras and coquilles St Jacques. Having said that, we wish to assure our donors that for breakfast and lunch every day we have been eating groceries out our refrigerator, and for the rest of the festival intend not to eat ever again.

After a late-night change into our party clothes, we attended the Ukrainian pavilion’s incredibly fancy party on Long Beach in front of the Carlton Hotel. It was packed and had the awesome Ukrainian band ‘Mandry’ playing, to Olha’s amazement and delight. Olha may or may not have been invited to help party attendees with the dancing.

Olha and Sarah were greeted extremely warmly by Kateryna Yushschenko, former first lady of Ukraine, who complimented them on the film and spent a lot of time talking to them about it. Yushchenko’s film foundation funds the Cannes Ukrainian pavilion, and, though Olha and Sarah had not met her until last night, has been a strong supporter of the film. She introduced Olha and Sarah to a number of great contacts, and arranged to meet with them again today.

Oh, and the blisters. If we made a film about our feet we would call it Crime and Punishment. Because Cannes lesson number three (or is it ten) is that no matter how hard you try, you can’t fit walking shoes into the tiny purse you take to a 10 pm party.

The "village international" - view from the Australian commission

Robin Hood - from the Australian commission offices as well

Long Beach restaurant where the Ukrainian party was held later in the evening

Rue Souquette

Our team: John, Olia, Melana and Sarah

At the Ukrainian reception with Kateryna Yushchenko - former First Lady of Ukraine

Mrs World 2008 (Ukrainian obviously) singing at the reception

After the Ukrainian Reception - oh blisters

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2 Responses to Catch me if you can…

  1. Maia says:

    Seems to be going great girls :).

  2. John, pack the tux next time !! You look like you just rolled out of bed — no wonder they threw you off the Red Carpet. Your mother is grimacing….

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