Things we learned at Cannes

View from the Polish Film Institute

Things we are learning at Cannes:

The larger the limo, the bigger your chances are at getting run over.

The only way to survive the 20 minute walk to along the luxury strip along the Mediterranean, La Croisette, is to play it “à l’Americaine” in flip flops. You save your high heels in your purse, pulling them out only once you arrive at the Montee des Marches red carpet for whatever premiere you may have an invitation for.
Thus, a large purse is as much of a necessity as your accreditation badge.

If you’re not in the filmmakers’ database called IMDb, forget about getting the badge. Stick with the heels. And personal charm, which in Olha’s case gets you everywhere.

The local white wine is good, the rose is even better (Sarah’s favorite.)

Sarah was courted by the following handsome and possibly single movie stars in the last 48 hours: First, yesterday, a fellow who plays “Miranda’s” love interest in the upcoming Sex in the City II, has been in major thrillers, told her his story of filming in Beirut and said that he found her Lebanese upbringing fascinating. Her response: Olha, when are we leaving this party?

And then today there came a 6’4 blond, blue-eyed German stuntman who is in Inglorious Basterds and other recent hits, has a successful business in film technical support, and learns Arabic as a pastime on the side. He says to her: ‘I love the Arabic language and culture, I would love to practice and learn more.’ Sarah: Olha, when are we leaving this party?

Olha, for her part, is working the connections they are both making. She observes that there are two kinds of people in Cannes: 20 years old, gorgeous, and looking for work or 65, ugly, and rich as hell. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you better have a damned good documentary to promote about Galicia.

On the more serious side, we have met numerous heads of national film commissions, the people with funds to support film projects, and a dozen or so festival organizers. We are also working on TV distribution in several countries, and hope to meet more people who can help with this in the coming days. It’s all such hard work, especially when one has to balance a business card, a cellphone, and a glass of French champagne at the same time!

A la prochaine, Olha, Sarah, and tag-along Melana

The walk on the Croisette

Ladies enjoying the sun

Sarah on the red carpet

Olha and Sarah after the permiere of "Chongqing Blues"

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One Response to Things we learned at Cannes

  1. Tatiana Littlefield says:

    Great job, guys! Amazing photos, witty and descriptive comments, and an outstanding overall athmosphere!!!
    I can’t wait to see the film…

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