More updates…

These past few months we have been working non stop on editing the film but we have also “gone public” with several screenings and events.

In mid-March we participated in a screening of Docs-in-Progress on the campus of George Washington University. It is an organization that helps documentary filmmakers by organizing screenings of incomplete works so that the audience’s feedback helps to shape the film.  More than 50 people were present at the screening where we showed a 15-minute clip that deals with the Ukrainian-Polish relations.

In early April Larysa Kurylas and Steve Lann were incredibly gracious to host a fundraising event for Land of Dilemmas at their house in Kensington.
It was very fun, informative and fruitful. We screened a 20-minute segment that we have edited so far as well as the trailer and held a Q&A discussion afterwards.
More than 25 people attended and the event was able to raise more than 2000 USD!




Fundraising events like this one are beneficial in two ways: first, the funds raised help us in outsourcing some of the work and move faster with editing. And second, the discussion held after the screening allows us to see how the audience responds to our work, which makes them active participants in creating the film. We benefit a great deal from this because we can see which themes resonate better with the audience and what issues we should emphasize on.

This coming Thursday, we are also holding a presentation at the Foreign Service Institute for the officers in training for their posts in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States. This is the second time that we hold such a presentation there and it is particularly interesting for us since we are planning on using the film for different educational purposes.

We will keep you posted with updates. 


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