When the adrenaline rush is over and the editing begins

Deepest apologies to all of you who missed our blog!

We are back with a brief update… we haven’t been writing for a while just because we thought no one would be interested in hearing stories about staying up endless hours in dark editing rooms; translating endless hours of tapes, and roaming the school’s hallways with five hard drives, one computer and a suitcase full of tapes. But then when people started to recognize us from a distance by our pink dotted suitcase; we thought it was about time to update the blog and tell you about it.

First things first; anyone remembers the story about Olia’s daughter saving us in the airport when the stewardess didn’t want to let us go onboard with all of our carry-on equipment? Well, that was the suitcase we were holding.

It has been in planes, trains, cars, horse carriages; it has been on highways and dust roads and now that it is back rolling on the American soil, it has the great mission of holding our precious 150 tapes.



With the current economic crisis going on and all sources of funding currently on hold, our pink suitcase is literally the only thing that we can hold on to. We thought we would be able to outsource translation, but now it doesn’t look like it is going to be possible, so we are staying even longer hours in the editing lab.

Well, to be completely honest, throughout those long nights editing, we did get a sponsor, well kind of. During another one of our long nights working, I was walking through the hallway, when I noticed something left out on a table.  It was baklava.  Real baklava from Lebanon! Just left on a table there waiting for us.  After getting over the fact that someone would actually leave such good stuff go to waste, we were pretty happy and we thought, well, we might not have funding but we have small gifts sent from heaven! That helped us go through the night 🙂

Mac pro+macbook pro+150 tapes in a suitcase+5 hard drives

Mac pro+macbook pro+150 tapes in a suitcase+5 hard drives

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