I heart Lviv… except…

As I was trying to explain to our driver a few days ago, I found Lviv to be a wonderful city (douje harna Lviv). I absolutely love the old buildings, the paved streets, the moms in mini skirts walking their children in strollers, the endless cafes, the marshmallow clouds in clear blue skies, the cars that drive on the sidewalks, the amazing colorful sunsets that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, etc…

Well, I think I love everything about Lviv, except for:

-ATM (or Bankomat which randomly decide to start or stop working)

-Small grocery stores (unless you can explain what you want in Ukrainian you are bound to starve to death)

-The radio (bad pop music doesn’t help when you have 8+ hour trips)

-The weather (which suddenly changes and starts pouring rain on your expensive equipment)

Well, other than that, I think the city is simply beautiful…

Note: that was actually a monologue, not a real conversation, because even though I try to convince our multi-talented driver-turned PA-turned sound operator that if he understands some English he can probably speak it, I still have no luck in that. 

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