The Polish Ukrainian border

So…. I had heard it was bad. That’s an understatement. We got to the border at 4am. We stayed in 4 lines so far, got two car inspections and a passport control. It’s now 7am. After presenting our documents, I looked ahead and noticed another line of cars. I naively ask: why another line?

My friends look at me surprised: well, that’s the Polish side! We only passed the Ukrainian checkpoint.

Still in the car, still waiting.

Note: one very interesting incident, almost worth all that wait: we got to see not one but two scooters each carrying a man and a refrigerator. I swear we didn’t have anything to drink except water.

Note 1: we stayed waiting at the border for 7 hours.

Note 2: Przemysl is absolutely beautiful.

Note 3: We had a great day of filming yesterday with a Polish priest who works on preserving the Ukrainian and Jewish heritage, and a woman who was in the Polish resistance as a partisan and was saved by a Ukrainian man.

Note 4: Something had to go wrong after a successful day of filming. It is raining today.

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One Response to The Polish Ukrainian border

  1. Maïa says:

    7 hours at the borders is hard work. Waiting to keep track of the rest of the trip in Poland. Good luck girls. Mwah

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