Kyiv for a day – Chemistry of Tolerance

On the last post I had mentioned we would be going back to Kyiv to film the instructors’ meeting from the Chemistry of Tolerance course. The journey was exhausting but very interesting. We left Lviv at 5 am (it’s becoming a habit) and got to Kyiv at around noon. We met with Michelle, Emine and the rest of the instructors: Simone from the US and Nick from India. We filmed them as they were getting to know each other, assigning roles and going over the program for the 10 day course on tolerance taking place in Crimea.

In the evening, a foundation that gave a grant for our film had invited us for a party they had to celebrate both Ivan Kupala Day and the 12 year anniversary of the foundation. We were parking the car when we noticed how beautiful the sunset looked on Khryshchatyk the main street of Kyiv. So Olia took the camera, and went off filming the landscape dressed in her short dress and high heels. Do I need to mention that people were giving us funny looks on the street?

I just regret not having my camera at hand.

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