Kyiv Day III

Here starts the paradox. 30 minutes away from the huge buildings, heavy traffic, big memorials and fancy boats, I ended up playing with baby rabbits and counting chicken! We went to the village of Kodaki to pick up Olia’s children who had stayed with a friend in the country side. The village was a labyrinth of narrow muddy streets with old houses, pretty fences and unfriendly barking dogs.

We spent the entire afternoon there, I took hundreds of pictures and I had the great surprise of eating Ukrainian stuffed grape leaves for dinner. They were (almost) as good as my mother’s Lebanese grape leaves. And that really counts as a compliment. The only thing different is we add yoghurt, they add sour cream. Well, in Ukraine you add sour cream to everything!

At midnight we took the night train to the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine around where we will be doing most of the filming. This is where I am writing from.

More on Lviv to follow…

(Note: it has been decided that Sarah will be writing these posts since it will be then “from the foreign perspective”)

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